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Call Us Today!
(910) 256-2873


Please feel free to fax in your questions to us for our Frequently Asked Questions part of our website. Wrightsville Beach Plumbing Co., Inc. wants you to not only be a happy customer, but also an informed customer. Our fax number is: (910) 392-1711 .
Q. My faucet constantly drips and my husband tried to replace the washer screens, but it didn't help. Does your company fix little problems like this?
A. Yes, Wrightsville Beach Plumbing will take care of seemingly small problems or the biggest jobs. You should know that sometimes a leaky faucet is just a sign of a bigger problem though, so don't be too hard on your husband.
Q. I'm considering purchasing an older house and renovating it. I would, of course, have to make some upgrades to the plumbing in the house. Would your company be able to provide me with an estimate?
A. Definitely! We would be very happy to not only provide you with a written estimate of our services, but we'll also advise you of problem areas, offer you solutions and even be able to provide you with options to your plumbing upgrade that you haven't considered.
Q. Why has my water bill increased?
A. Your water bill is high? Do you have a plumbing problem? Possibly, a toilet may be running or an inside or outside faucet could have a slow leak. We will send our service tech out to fully investigate any possible leaks and repair today.
Q. My kitchen sink disposal is jammed and the water will not drain from the sink?
A. There are several possible reasons for this, we can trouble shoot and walk you through some fixes over the phone. Give us a call today.

Wrightsville Beach Plumbing Co., Inc.

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